Full House Poker Isn't Getting a New Fall Season, but Isn't Going Away Either

Illustration for article titled emFull House Poker/em Isnt Getting a New Fall Season, but Isnt Going Away Either

The leaves have turned and still Full House Poker's online "Texas Heat" tournament is in day 119 (and counting) of its summer season on Xbox Live, stoking fears that the game will head the way of spiritual predecessor 1 vs. 100.


Microsoft, according to XBLA Fans, seems content to just let the summer Texas Heat tournament proceed indefinitely. Users felt that the original season stretch (there was a 66-day spring Texas Heat season) was too short to collect the achievements offered. A Microsoft rep said they plan to "refresh the Texas Heat season in the future."

Full House Poker Fall Season Update: No News Ins't Bad News [XBLA Fans]

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Man I miss 1 vs 100. :'(