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Full Angry Birds Game Now Available on Android for Free

Illustration for article titled Full Angry Birds Game Now Available on Android for Free

It's been a thorn in any Android user's side, but finally the full Angry Birds game is now available on Android phones...only, not in the Android Market. Instead, Rovio chose to release it, for free, on the GetJar store.


Rovio said that it was an "obvious choice" of GetJar over Android's Market, thanks to the "global reach and popularity as well as their unique App It! download service."

Although it's free to the Android user, the guys at Rovio won't be living off baked beans and cup-a-soup you'll be pleased to know, as it's ad-supported. That's not a big problem to you guys, is it? Extra Angry Birds levels in exchange for a few adverts? [GetJar via Mobile-Ent]

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Platypus Man

I know there are a few Dropbox links on here already, but just so we can spread it out, here's one from me. Works perfectly on my Incredible (assuming this is the same one I downloaded earlier).