VR Porn Has Made Some Progress With Breasts, At Least

It’s pretty difficult to find a game that actually nails the way breasts move. Curiously, though, it seems like the people making virtual reality porn are making some good strides in the realm of breast physics. NSFW content ahead, you’ve been warned!

The following Vines come from adult entertainment company Veiviev. Veiviev has developed a number of different Oculus Rift demos that feature real-world models that players can view and interact with.

Is it perfect? No. The uncanniness of the skin becomes particularly apparent in the second Vine, which makes it seem as if you’re pressing into jello instead of human skin. But still: that’s pretty decent, eh? This is probably the most realistic depiction of areolas that I’ve seen, too.


Diving deeper into what Veiviev has to offer, it’s hard not be be struck by a slight sense of discomfort. Not for any moral reasons, mind. It’s more of a “holy shit, this is the future, huh?” kind of thing. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget we’re in 2015, and that technology has advanced this far.

Veiviev demos focus on specific models, and while they’re very life-like, they’re also very doll-like. It throws me off a little:

EDIT: the original video was made private. Here’s a different one—do note that this one is much older than the original one, though.


Here is how the developers describe experiences such as these:

This is a futuristic, voyeuristic experience. Showcasing realistic human scans frozen in time, featuring the beauty of the female form. You can explore these women from up close, at any angle and “size” you want, something not possible in real-life. There is some limited interactivity.


But what do you feel when you close up on a face like this, for example?


Eternally happy, she exists just for you. And if she doesn’t do the trick, you will eventually be able to purchase any model you’d like:


It reminds me of an excellent piece I recently read on Medium about the unsexiness of virtual reality porn. In it, writer Ryan Bradley details a panel hosted by porn star James Deen. Deen poses questions to the panelists, and at least one of them is brutally honest:

“What about the fact that there aren’t [porn] superstars anymore?” Deen asks, then adds: “Lisa?”

Lisa Ann, the grand dame among the panelists, star of the mega-hit Hustlerjoint Who’s Nailin Paylin? answers, “There are no more stars because everyone has become obtainable.” What she means is that there is no mystery anymore. And something more base, still. She continues: “No one is up on a pedestal. Now everyone has side work” — a nice way of saying that they can be bought and slept with. “They don’t dress well. It’s disgusting. You can’t hire me at home. I’ve never had intimate engagements with a fan. I don’t want to be watered down.”

A prolonged and uncomfortable silence follows because, well, Lisa Ann maybe wasn’t supposed to tell it quite so much like it is. The truth — that more porn stars are prostituting themselves, that the wall between the fans and stars has crumbled to a dangerously imperceptible level, that with the rise of live-cam sites the work is often a disagreeable blend of fantasy and reality, and that with virtual reality that blending is only going to get trickier, with porn stars more obtainable, more watered down than ever — is ugly and bleak.


You should definitely read the full story here, it’s a good one. I bring it up now because what Lisa Ann talks about—how porn stars are becoming more and more accessible to fans—is pretty apparent when you look at the most recent attempts at VR porn. It’s easy imagine a future where you’ll be able to purchase your favorite porn star and take their digital image for a whirl on your VR headset.

As Nathan detailed in his piece about virtual reality porn, there’s just no getting around the weirdness that comes with trying to marry advanced technology and intimacy. I’m hoping that with time, developers get more of a handle on these things, and manage to give us virtual reality porn that is undeniably sexy. Veiviev seems confident that their models will get there, too:

Being able to replicate the human form in the digital world has been an on going pursuit of many people, researchers and companies for the last 30+ years. It’s an endless process, it’s not easy, it’s time consuming, it’s expensive. ‘Perfection is unobtainable’ but we can certainly try. Help us succeed. Believe in us and we will deliver for you.


For now, it’s fascinating to see where we’re actually at.

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