FTC Report Lauds Game Industry as the 'Most Responsible' Entertainment Marketer

Illustration for article titled FTC Report Lauds Game Industry as the Most Responsible Entertainment Marketer

The Federal Trade Commission, in a report to Congress, lauds the video games industry as best among all entertainment producers when it comes to responsible marketing and advertising.


"Outpaces," is the word the FTC's report uses in describing the games industry's conduct among its peers, noting the 80 percent prevention rate in keeping M-rated content from minors, and keeping ads for M-rated games off the television prior to 10 pm.

Further: "The Commission commends the ESRB for its new online ratings summaries, which provide a more detailed explanation of the content that factored into a game's rating. This tool should enhance parental understanding of the ratings and the ratings process."


Entertainment Software Association President Michael Gallagher called the report "a strong acknowledgement and validation that industry-led self-regulation efforts are the best way to provide parents and retailers with the resources and support they need to keep our kids' entertainment experiences suitable."

The report evaluates the marketing and adevertising practices across the entertainment industries. It's the FTC's seventh such report since 2000.

Games Industry Best Regulated of All Entertainment Sectors [GamesIndustry.biz]

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That's sorta surprising, I would have thought that books/literature would have gotten the best rating. I mean, when was the last time you heard of some 12 year old buying a dirty book at Borders?

Heh, and I don't think I've EVER seen an ad for a smutty book on T.V. prior to 10pm.