Front Mission Evolved Trailer Evolves

Square Enix announced a spring European release for third-person giant-robot shooter Front Mission Evolved, releasing a new trailer that adds some personality to the teaser seen at last year's Tokyo Game Show.


Front Mission Evolved, developed for Square Enix by Double Helix Games, is a new take on the traditionally turn-based strategy series, serving up giant robot action as opposed to giant robot thinking. McWhertor got his hands on the game at TGS this past year, and seemed to think there was promise there, despite some rough edges. He also mentioned that the game was dated for spring 2010 somewhere, and now we know Europe certainly falls into that somewhere. Considering all of the trailers so far have ended with "For Worldwide Release," one could easily assume this means that it's coming to Japan and North America around the same time.

The new trailer gives us a closer look at the drama unfolding between giant robot (and on foot) battles, which I am sure is lovely. I honestly don't care nearly as much about the plot as I do the mech combat. If Double Helix nails combat, the cutscenes could feature a cartoon rabbit reading Shakespeare and I'll be happy.



WAAAAAAIT a minute.... Double Helix? Didn't they make Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Homecoming? Oh boy...