From Red Dead To Square Enix, Readers Submit More Last-Gen Heroes

Illustration for article titled From emRed Dead/em To Square Enix, Readers Submit More Last-Gen Heroes

We're wrapping up our second week of Last-Gen Heroes, our series looking back at the last eight years of console video gaming. Kind of gnarly that the PS4 and Xbox One come out so soon, no? Just a few more weeks now.


As with last week, the opinion-warriors at TAY have been busy writing their own articles about the heroes and zeroes of the last generation. Here's what they've come up with this week:


Thanks as always to all TAYers for participating, and to everyone for reading! We've got another week before we'll start to dig into the bigger lists, so things should keep on cooking right up until November 15.

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NEXT WEEK ON TAY: I post my epic rebuttal that decimates the heretics' arguments and fights the good fight, as I proudly defend Mass Effect as the best RPG franchise last generation.

I'll see you on the battlefield of intellectual jousting that is TAY, friends... Until then.