From Our Podcast: Co-Op FPS On iPhone Coming, Bayonetta 2 Not Next

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Did you miss Kotaku's live podcast? Then you missed some news. Download links and an excerpt right here for you.


Ngmoco's Chris Plummer, producer on popular iPhone first-person-shooter Eliminate not only became the first Kotaku Talk Radio guest to need to be bleeped on air (he was pumped!) but he also told us that "We are working on other ways to play, including cooperatively in the game... we're taking something where we have our millions of users out there in what is almost an instanced FPS RPG kind of experience right now, they're leveled up... so now we're working on ways to take all your Eliminate gear and stuff you've accumulated and instead of just going competitively, but teaming up and going up against AI-controlled enemy experiences." Plummer said the mode is being tested now, release date TBD. It'll be called "Extermination Mode." Jump to the 40 minute mark to hear more.

Also, Geoff Keighley let us know that the new game from Bayonetta-makers Platinum Games that will be announced Thursday night on his Game Trailers TV show will not be Bayonetta 2. Any guesses, then?


Host: Stephen Totilo
Guest: Geoff Keighley and Ngmoco's Chris Plummer

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Your live reaction to the iPad reveal was priceless.

"The iPhone is to the iPad what the wristwatch is to Flava Flav's clocks"