With a week to go until NBA 2K11 cannonballs the pool, 2K Sports is dropping all sorts of hype and gameplay vids, highlighted by this one stitching together in-game footage from "The Jordan Challenge." Mild spoiler alert.

I throw the SA warning because in the 10-game Jordan Challenge, when you hit milestones in recreating cover man Michael Jordan's iconic feats, it'll unlock animations that are pitch perfect to the highlight footage you remember. So if you want to be surprised by what that looks like in a video game (because you probably know what it looks like in real life) go on to another video.


For that, Operation Sports has a collection of several up now. You can see the (all games modern day) Bulls vs. Bucks playing three quarters, plus reels of the Cavs and Mavs, Heat vs. Celtics, Celts vs. Spurs, and others. They're all on OS' NBA 2K11 page.

NBA 2K11 [Operation Sports]