From Metal Gear Solid to Portal 2, Every Video Game Sounds Better in German

Why would you ever want to play a video game in a language you don't understand? Once you hear Half-Life's G-Man, Metal Gear's Psycho Mantis, and Portal 2's Space Sphere speaking German you'll understand completely.


Our German-speaking audience might be scratching their heads right now, wondering what the big deal is. Well, the big deal is everything, video game or not, sounds much more intense in your language. The sinister sounds more sinister. The humorous sounds... well, more sinister, but in a funny way.

My birth father was born in Germany, so I feel a deep connection to the country. I planned on learning the language myself, though I'm afraid it would lose its magic if I suddenly understood what it meant.


I guess that's how German-speaking folks feel when watching this video. It's up to the rest of you to tell them how amazing their language is. I'm counting on you.

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Captain Nemo

Nice. Now lets bring quality to Spanish translations.

Most videogame publishers STILL dont know shit about hiring proper people to do a decent dubbing of their game. A huge number of them think "proper" spanish is the one from Spain, when in reality their colloquial words and common day expressions are completely alien to Latin America. And god they use those a LOT in videogame translation.

Ask and Latin America standard for a good quality of translation in programs is either Colombian, Mexican and at times from Venezuela and Peru. Why? Because they take proper care of using understandable words, and give them the proper character.

I know of some good translating studios in Spain. They do a good job. But most of the time publishers go to cheap ass translators who sound like the lady on the Wal Mart interphone: dead, without emotion, and hard to understand at all.