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From Level 0 To Level 80, In Just Five Minutes

Illustration for article titled From Level 0 To Level 80, In Just Five Minutes

Man, massively-multiplayer games like World of Warcraft are a drag. So much time! So much money! If only you could go through the same grind with the same problems in five minutes without spending a cent...


5 Minute MMORPG lets you do just that. You get a character, a name and a level, then you get dumped in a fantasy world and have to battle both opponents and crippling lag in order to get a higher number next to your name and some crap you find on dead people.

The truly frightening this is that, even though this is a parody, add some more robust community features to this and you've got the foundations of a proper MMO. The kind people spend money on.


[5 Minute MMORPG, via 4CR]

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Michael Dukakis

Make leveling up five minutes and you take away the only grinding most MMO players do!