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From Grab Ass to Brush Work, a Grab Bag of PS Vita Game Trailers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday, a slew of new PS Vita titles leaked from Japanese game mag Famitsu. Today, three of those games have trailers, providing a look at what players can expect.


The three titles are Dream Club Zero, a Vita port of the Xbox 360 original, Ragnarok Odyssey, a Vita version of the wildly popular Ragnarok, and Sumioni, which looks incredibly interesting.

The Sumioni trailer showed the ability to draw brushstrokes on screen and then jump up on those strokes, turning this into a brush-based 2D platformer. In one segment, the player drew 大, and it caught on fire.


The Ragnarok trailer looks like it will give Monster Hunter a run for its money, with players hunting giant enemies. The trailer's feature is the phrase "Giant hunting", which is no doubt a spin on Monster Hunter.

Dream Club is, well, still Dream Club. Not surprising is that it is making use of the Vita touch capabilities to touch in-game ladies. The "NGP" joke (NGP was Vita's code name) refers to "New Generation Pure". A teaser site for Dream Club once asked visitors if they were pure.

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