This past Saturday, Frieza held a meet-and-greet at a shopping mall in Shiga Prefecture, Japan to promote the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie. A Frieza cosplayer showed up and things got awkward.

Not awkward in a bad way! But awkward in a very good one. See how Frieza reacted to seeing a fan, Twitter user Tokoroten Poo, in full Frieza mode.

[Photo: kobasket11_17]

So, first, Frieza arrived. Real Frieza. (Well, official Frieza.)

[Photo: AbsoIy]

Where's phoney Frieza?

[Photo: nisetsuchida]

Real Frieza shook hands.

[Photo: n__dblv]

Posed for photos.

[Photo: Iska_TOSHIKAZU]

Senpai, notice me.

[Photo: narayan_atlas]

This is the best.

[Photo: rainbowym25]


[Photo: tokoroten_poo]

Phoney Frieza approaches his hero, who takes a few steps back.

[Photo: nnp_souko]

Bow down before your Frieza overlord.

[Photo: hasuzakick]

Never wash your hands again, Phoney Frieza. Never.

Top photo: sunzriver

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