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Fried Pikachu Sounds Delicious

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In South Korea, you can eat lots of delicious food. Bulgogi, bibimbap, fried Pikachu. Wait, what?

Actually, it’s fried pork shaped like Pikachu. People aren’t actually killing real Pikachus for you to eat! Afternoon News reports that online you can order cutlets that are shaped like the iconic Pocket Monster.


[Photo: G-Market]

In Korean, “Pikachu” is 피카츄, so there’s no doubt that this fried pork is supposed to be the Pokémon character.


[Photo: puresmile11]

Fried Pikachu isn’t only available online. It’s been around for several years, and in some restaurants and food stalls, you can even order it:

[Photo: ilbe]


[Photo: boreummy]


[Photo: Seulgreat]

As you can see here, you can also make it yourself:


[Photos: 386dx]

Which might be best, because Afternoon News says those selling fried Pikachu don’t have authorized use of the character’s name and likeness.


[Photo: Afternoon News]

Yummy! Gotta eat it all.

This article was originally published on May 20, 2015.

Top photo: rimi

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