Fret Not! Dragon Quest's Slime Chewing Gum Isn't Really Slime Flavored.

Illustration for article titled Fret Not! emDragon Quest/ems Slime Chewing Gum Isnt Really Slime Flavored.
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Fit's is a brand of Lotte chewing gum, and this August, there will be "Slime flavored" gum for you to chomp on. But it's not really "Slime flavored". PHEW.

"Slime" (スライム or "suraimu") is used as a pun: "suppai-raimu" (スっぱいライム). "Suppai" (here, スっぱい) means "sour" and "raimu" (ライム) is Japanese for "lime". The flavor is actually "sour lime" and not "Slime"—that is, unless DQ Slimes taste like sour limes. Right?

The gum also promises "Slime food feeling", which gets a big nothankyou from me.

スライム味の「Fit's」があらわれた [IT Media]

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David Green

I wanted to reply to your story about the mouse with a fan but the discussion's closed!

Damn my slow, sweaty hands!

Although, Sour+Lime=Slime makes sense I guess. Like Mr. Sparkle.