If the location of your head is something you're never quite certain of, then you'll probably want to spend $.99 on VisionHacker Studios' FreeSkate Xtreme for the iPhone and iPad later this week. It uses the Apple camera to find your skull, and then uses it to skate.

It's nice to see developers starting to use those fancy cameras on our iDevices to their full potential, isn't it? Here developer VisionHacker uses a combination of head-tracking and standard accelerometer controls to create a free-running skateboarding experience that will make you look completely silly. It's the good sort of silly, though. The one where you're having too good a time to realize how silly you look. Kinect-silly.

It's also quite pretty. Pretty enough that folks will look over your shoulder. That's when you catch them in the chin with your bobbing skull. Doesn't that sound like fun?

FreeSkate Xtreme is due out tomorrow. Then the head-bobbing begins.