Freed Arma III Developers Will Still Face Trial, Not Out of the Woods Yet

Illustration for article titled Freed emArma III/em Developers Will Still Face Trial, Not Out of the Woods Yet

This morning brought the news that Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, two developers from the Czech Republic's Bohemia Interactive (Arma, DayZ), were freed on bail after spending the last 128 days under arrest in Greece for possible—denied—espionage.

There was much celebration by the developers' family and friends, but a Bohemia rep says the guys aren't out of the woods yet.


"Unfortunately, this is not end of the matter," Bohemia's Ota Vrťátko told Kotaku, "because trial is coming and they fight against these charges will be continue." Naturally, being out on bail doesn't mean a person is free of charges, but the Bohemia statement diminishes the optimism that the men, by leaving Greece, would be done in the matter.

Today nevertheless sounds like a happy day.

"It is obviously wonderful news and we're very happy that Ivan and Martin may finally return home after four months of detainment in Greece," Vrťátko said. "We're prepared to further help them and their families in any way necessary and we are looking forward to meeting our friends and colleagues Ivan and Martin again soon."

It goes without saying that this is a huge relief for Ivan and Martin, their families and all of us at Bohemia Interactive, we send greetings and thanks to everyone that has supported the boys over the past four months."

We'll keep you posted as this story develops.

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The Czech Republic should just give them asylum and not allow Greece to extradite them over this petty bullshit. They essentially held two men hostage for 4 months over absurd claims and NOW they want to hold a trial? Fuck that.