Free Yourself with the First Django Unchained Trailer

Inspired by Spaghetti westerns and exploitation flicks, Django Unchained stars Jamie Foxx as a slave turned bounty hunter trained by a former dentist (Christoph Waltz).


Foxx attempts to free his wife from a brutal plantation owner, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Director Tarantino has been calling the film a "Southern" due to its strong connection to the area in which it's set.


Django Unchained will be out this holiday season in the US.

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Sam fisher's an aimbot

As much as I like Tarantino, it does seem he does have a formula to creating his films=\

For example:

1, Sweary dialogue.

2, Exploitation flicks seem to be all he makes.

3, Long conversations.

4, Add ultraviolence.

I am not bashing him or ripping on him, it just seems as if he has a formula and sticks to it, like how Activision sticks with the COD formula. for once I would like to see him come up with maybe a film without swearing, or ulraviolence, the change might inspire him to really push his boundaries as writer/ director=D

I guess I'm saying I do find his work a bit samey (unfortunately).