In honor of the people who purchased a bajillion copies of a game that simulates goats poorly, this Thursday developer Coffee Stain Studios is releasing Goat Simulator update 1.2, AKA Goat MMO Simulator. Really.

With am all-new fantasy setting, six playable classes (including no class and Microwave), a nonexistent story and a handful of quests, Thursday's free update does World of Warcraft the only way Goat Simulator knows how — hilariously badly.


Now before anyone gets too excited and starts scheduling a week off of work to immerse themselves in the Goat Simulator MMO, mind the syntax. This is not Goat Simulator MMO — it's Goat MMO Simulator. It's a new playground for goat destruction with some lovely MMO-ish trappings.

There's a chat box, but I'm not seeing any footage of folks playing together. I'm kind of hoping the text is randomly generated, because that's how it works in a real MMO.


Goat Simulator's free 1.2 patch hits Steam on Thursday.