Today's football news isn't entirely about Madden or the NFL Draft. Quick Hit Football, a free-to-play, browser-based football simulator, picked up Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss to appear in-game for Quick Hit's second season.

Quick Hit, whom I've written about a few times before, can't use the entire roster of active NFL players or any of the teams, thanks to EA Sports' well known exclusive license with the league. It is allowed to cut individual deals with up to five players, however. Quick Hit's based in Foxboro, Mass., the same city where the New England Patriots play, so Moss' selection is especially apt and will allow him to participate on an advisory council for the game.

Last year's active players included Osi Umenyiora, Ray Lewis, Jason Witten, Matt Cassel and Brian Westbrook. Westbrook was released by the Eagles after last season and says he's not going to retire, but is presently unsigned. Moss may be replacing him; a news release didn't specify which if any players from last season will be renewed for this year, just that other players will be announced later.


Quick Hit also has licensing deals with current and former head coaches and former NFL stars to appear in the game, which emphasizes playcalling, strategy, and franchise and player development rather than arcade action.