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As Sony Online Entertainment reveals plans to release the free-to-play MMO Free Realms on the Mac later this fall, fans are still wondering what happened to the PlayStation 3 version. We tapped SOE for an update on the console port.


Back in 2008 Sony Online Entertainment let the world know that MMOs The Agency, DC Universe Online, and Free Realms would be coming to the PlayStation 3. The Agency remains a mystery, DC Universe Online is coming early next year, and Free Realms?


With millions of players flocking to the PC version, the PlayStation 3 installment is still a no show. Last we heard it was going to be shown at E3, but it wasn't there.

Now SOE and TransGaming are teaming up to get Free Realms running on the Mac platform.

"There is no denying the overwhelming player demand for Free Realms on the Mac platform, of which we plan to deliver very soon," said John Smedley, president of SOE. "For the first time ever, SOE is developing synchronous gameplay for Mac and PC players and we are thrilled to tap into TransGaming's Mac development expertise to bring this functionality to fruition."


That's great news for Mac owners, but what about PlayStation 3 players eager to get their colorful, candy-coated mini-games on? According to a Sony Online Entertainment rep, "Free Realms is still definitely coming to PS3."

"We haven't announced a release date, but Free Realms for PS3 will be coming soon," said Taina Rodriguez, SOE's senior public relations manager. "The development team has been working to optimize play experience on both the Mac and Ps3 versions."


Free Realms' casual mini-game structure makes it a perfect candidate for the console MMO treatment. I'm looking forward to seeing how it runs once it makes it to the PlayStation 3.

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