Free Rare Pokemon Download at GameStop

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GameStop stores will be giving away Deoxys as a free download to Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl owners during two weekends this month.


From June 20 and June 22 and June 27 and June 29, people can bring in their Ds with a copy of Diamond or Pearl to a GameStop and download Deoxys for free.

I'm not really a Pokemon player myself and my son, he's more of a Pokemon rancher, so I don't know. Is Deoxys really that rare or does everyone who plays the game have like a dozen by now?


Did You Know?

Pokémon Fans to Catch Rare Character at GameStop Stores

There are many ways to catch a Pokémon, but for two special weekends in June, there's only one failsafe way for fans to get one of the most unique characters in the enthralling Pokémon® universe on their Nintendo DS™.

From June 20-22 and June 27-29, Pokémon players are invited to bring their Nintendo DS systems and Pokémon® Diamond or Pokémon® Pearl games to the nearest GameStop store where they can receive Deoxys™, a legendary character with transformative powers and an impressive set of battle-ready moves.

With an imaginative roster of characters and richly interactive game play, the blockbuster Pokémon game series has attracted millions of fans worldwide. According to the independent NPD Group, Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl have sold more than 4.2 million combined in the United States alone, while Nintendo DS continues to be ranked as the nation's top-selling hand-held game system.

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@Bluejuan85: They gave away Mew at some point...but I think that was for the GBA games vs. the DS games. (He's been handed out twice that I can think of)

@harshakamikaze: The difference is that to the more dedicated Pokemon players (or at least those that are actively competitive in the PvP battling), Pokemon such as Deoxys, Mew, Darkrai...any of the "legendaries" are generally considered out of bounds as they are usually designed to be "Uber" and thus get included in way too many teams.

It's sorta like how some CCGs officially retire or ban cards after a certain period of time in order to not only encourage/force people to buy new cards...but to force people to come up with new strategies.

By banning "ubers" (as their called), the more Pokemon PvP fan community has self-regulated itself into coming up with a variety of unique teams and move builds. As opposed to everybody just loading up with Legendaries and spamming HyperBeam (or whatever the latest "over the top" moves are)