Free Half-Life 2 Mod 'Minerva' Is Enhanced And Up On Steam Right Now

Illustration for article titled Free Half-Life 2 Mod 'Minerva' Is Enhanced And Up On Steam Right Now

You may have played the Half-Life 2 mod Minerva when it was released a few years ago, but now it's back, and enhanced, and on Steam, and totally free.


Minerva is the production of Adam Foster, a designer who got his current job at Valve by making the surreal mod. Says Foster (in an e-mail to Kotaku):

It's taken long enough, but via lots of nagging and prompting from fellow Valve employees I've finally got round to getting MINERVA, the Half-Life 2 mod which got me a job at Valve, up on to Steam. It was originally released in late 2007 to pretty much universal acclaim, but now there's about to be a super-fancy Director's Cut edition with tweaked visuals, bug fixes, better puzzles and all kinds of subtle improvements. Nothing hugely new, just old stuff tidied and polished for this re-release.

Expect the usual single-player shooting and puzzles, a healthy dose of mystery and plenty of on-screen dialogue from the unseen Minerva, who guides (and insults) you on your journey through a vast Combine underground facility.

It requires Half-Life 2: Episode One as a base - but once you've got that, the mod adds quite a few hours of free, arguably Valve-quality gaming.

You can check Minerva out on Steam right here. Because free games are awesome!



Wish so much it had controller support in this mod. I don't give a shit what the PC master race says. If I can't game well with the K+M setup, I can't game well with the K+M setup. I never could. I realize it's more accurate, etc., but accuracy is irrelevant if your hands won't work together correctly using that setup.

Also, kicking back in a chair with a controller is much, much more comfortable than hunching over your K+M.