Free Apps Like Angry Birds Are Eating Your Phone's Battery

Illustration for article titled Free Apps Like emAngry Birds/em Are Eating Your Phones Battery

Wondering why your phone keeps dying after a session or two of Angry Birds? One study says it's because you're too cheap to pay.


According to scientists at Purdue University who examined apps on Windows and Android-based phones, free applications only require about 10-30% of the energy they actually use. On the flip side, the scientists say that a whopping 65-75% of that energy goes toward powering third-party advertisements—the ones that keep those apps free. Buying the premium versions of games like Angry Birds could help alleviate this problem.

In other words, free apps aren't really all that free.

Free apps eat up your phone battery just sending ads [New Scientist, via Touch Arcade]

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I thought the trend for ads in games was supposed to be more subtle. Seeing ads in places where it would make sense to see an ad, like in-game billboards, soda machines, store-front windows, character clothing, etc. I would even be ok with seeing them on the loading screens. IE: "This level was brought to you by Subway. Subway, Eat Fresh tm." But no, we see them right on top of the game we're playing, and they are often disguised as Facebook message notifications and placed in places where we might accidentally hit them during the normal course of play. Ads are supposed to make me want to buy your products, folks. You are NOT making me want to buy your shit. Get it together.