Frank Miller Makes Odd Gaming Reference In Off-Kilter Anti-Occupy Rant

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Famed artist, film maker and comic book writer Frank Miller is just saying when he believes everyone is thinking when he tells the Occupy movement to "go back to your mommas' basements and play with your Lords Of Warcraft."


In a strange rant last week, that I some how missed until just now, Miller calls the folks of the Occupy movement a pack of "louts, thieves and rapists," an unruly mob, he goes on. The movement itself, he says, can do nothing but harm America.

"Wake up, pond scum," Miller writes, "America is at war against a ruthless enemy."


Who's the ruthless enemy that has Miller railing against the Occupy movement and its rampant narcissism, self-righteousness, and spoiled brats who need to go back to their basements to play video games? Why al_Qaeda of course. Now shut up and take it America, because there's terrorism afoot and Miller needs you to just suck it up and take it.


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Screw the occupiers, they're a bunch of whiners who lost their jobs because they under performed and got laid off. They're mad at the successful because they don't know how to be. Go occupy another country if you don't like how things are done in the U.S.