Framed For Murder: 7Framed, a game where you play as a normal everyday person who is suddenly framed for murder by a mysterious enemy, looks interesting (the fancy motion capturing probably helps). The developers are trying to raise $300,000 on Kickstarter—check it out here.

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The Logic and Rationale Police

Was interested in the gaming possibilities...until I saw the video. Seems to be a rather 'on rails interactive experience' type games. Maybe there will be puzzles or clever ways to go about avoiding your pursuers, but I saw none of that in the video. Need more info on that.

Also saw none of this;

Adaptive story line (Player influence of the environment to have impact on other episodes)

And I'd also like to know how this would work;

Multi-player online mode in which you frame other players.

And how the puzzles and hiding systems would work. It doesn't have to be in gameplay, just a quick rundown of how it could work.

A final note though, I don't think that frame up would work at all. I mean you were serving a couple people downstairs, with a waiter helping you plus lots of eyewitnesses. If you left and went up to deliver food, even if your fingerprints are on the knife it would hardly matter. Unless the body was on ice, it'd be pretty easy to not time of death and for any defense worth anything to establish that you couldn't do it. Plus the two bodyguards as well unless they were in on it, even then I'd say no. Only way it could work unless you were held up in the elevator and was unable to prove you were held up there, giving you the time, and if you had previous arrests or had something with the person who died giving you some motive. And add to that you got a call. Would the phone company record that call? I'm not sure of how that works, but the time and date and length would be noted at least and he could say he was being blackmailed.