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Fox News is Now a Video Game Bad Guy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Of course, he can't come out and say it's Fox News - we live in a world plagued by lawyers - but when Alex Jones, the producer of Capcom's upcoming DMC, says this monstrous video game boss is "one particular American [media] outlet that shall go unnamed", we know who he means.

Dropping the game's hero, Dante, into the fictional "Raptor News Network", the player soon encounters the disembodied, Tron-like head of totally-not-Bill-O'-Reilly, who spews jingoistic vitriol at you while you run around smashing him in the face with your giant sword.


The action then cuts to a scare-mongering "live" news report while leaving you in control, as you play the TERRORIST who has a HISTORY OF VIOLENCE.

Sure, taking pot-shots at Fox isn't exactly brazen satire, nor is it terribly hard, but it's something few games outside the most culturally aware - like Grand Theft Auto - either bother with or are even capable of managing.


So it's nice seeing that, when the rare game comes along that does, it lets you smash totally-not-Bill-O'-Reilly in the face with your giant sword.

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