Fox Gets Terminators In Our iPhones

Noooo! Anyone who has seen Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will tell you two things - 1) lady terminators are pretty and 2) if the bloody things can get on the internet they can hack anything and cause all kinds of hassle. Fox has only gone and introduced the glow-eyed menaces to the iPhone. Great. Now death will be both swift AND stylish. Terminator: Ambush is a mini MMO that can be played via the iPhone or a web browser. the idea is that players using the web interface hunt down and terminate those using the iPhone version. There is a GPS component to the game, so don't play if you actually are being hunted by a killer robot - this will lead them right to you. FOX Launches ‘Terminator’-themed, location-based MMORPG [Touch Arcade]


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