Four Years, Three Xbox Ones

Xbone, Xbones, Xbonex. Three iterations of the same console, each with slightly different specs, released within a four-year window.

The Xbox One X has arrived in Kotaku’s Southeastern office, and while we can’t talk about how it performs yet, we can at least show you how it stacks up to the Xbox Ones that came before.


Mind the dust, fingerprints and unidentifiable goo on the original Xbox One. It’s the system my kids use to play games, browse the internet and stuff Blu-ray player-breaking objects into. It’s okay; it’s old and obsolete. 2013 called, it wants its Xbox One back. Probably so it can play some of those awesome Kinect games. Too soon?

Look how far we’ve come! From a massive box with ports for a proprietary power brick and a high-tech camera, to just a simple row of HDMI, USB and network ports and a place to plug in the same cable the PlayStation 4 used before the Pro went and screwed everything up.


We’ll be fiddling with the more interactive bits of Microsoft’s third Xbox One in the coming week, once all the games finish downloading.

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