Four Year-Old Gets Game, Finds Bag Of Weed

A four year-old boy in the United Kingdom was chuffed to bits when his dad bought him an Xbox 360 game. He wasn't quite sure, though, what to do with the bag of weed he found inside.

Riley Brown, from Littlehampton in West Sussex, England, was bought a copy of Fight Night Round 4 (which, uh, isn't for kids) by his father, Andy, who is 30. It had been bought second-hand a Blockbuster store. But when they opened the box, a report in the Sun (I know, I know) claims that a small bag, containing marijuana spun with an amount of tobacco, was waiting in side, presumably from one of the video store's previous customers.


"He'd only been playing the game ten minutes when he came down with the bag in his hand and asked, 'Daddy, what's this?'", Andy says. "I checked and realised. I was horrified and took it off him straight away."

"But what if he'd thought it was sweets, and started munching away? It doesn't bear thinking about."


Well, it does. He might have asked for a copy of Viva Pinata instead.

Boy of 4 in Xbox game drugs find [The Sun]

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