Four Months Later the Official Hitman: Absolution Companion App Arrives

It's all about timing in the companion app business. Some people might tell you that it's best to get out a mobile application that keeps track of your performance, equipment and the latest right when the game is released — the sort of people who buy milk with their cookies so they can enjoy them at the same time. Those people will never know the joy of the four month milk-and-cookie gap, and they probably won't appreciate Hitman: ICA.


Square Enix knows what's up. A properly-timed free companion app for iOS and Android can make all the difference in the world. For example, I probably wouldn't have written about Hitman again until the next game was announced, yet here we are. That's the sweet science of crossmedia right there.

I probably would have waited longer.



Was anyone else really disappointed with this game? I tried, I really did but the more I played it the more it became clear to me that this just didn't feel like Hitman.