Four Chipotle Burritos. And A Diet Coke. In Three Minutes.

The Chipotle burrito — a massive, suppository-shaped bundle of vaguely Mexican things, weighing approximately five tons. Most people could not eat a single one in three minutes. Competitive eater Matt Stonie makes it look easy.


Inside of Matt Stonie, the 22-year-old competitive eater from San Jose, California, there is a black hole which admits food but allows none to escape. That's the only possible explanation for his performance. My stomach hurts watching it, though I am kinda craving Moe's now.



I believe we're leaving "snack" territory here, but very entertaining nonetheless...

Also, I wonder why he went for the diet coke? A chipotle chicken burrito was rated the most unhealthy mexican food in the country not long ago (and even if these arent chicken, no doubt they're not far off, because the tortilla was the worst offender in the package). If you're eating 4 of them, I don't think the diet coke is going to make up for that...I guess some people just prefer diet, though?