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New Forza Motorsport, Out Next Spring, Is Somehow Even Prettier Than Forza Horizon 5

Microsoft showed off an in-depth look at the next year's Forza game, featuring dynamic time of day and raytracing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A damaged car driving on a track.
Screenshot: Xbox / Turn 10

Today, at Microsoft’s big gaming showcase, the publisher showed off the long-anticipated next entry in its flagship racing series, Forza Motorsport. The new game doesn’t have a sequel number and is out Spring 2023.

In a nearly six-minute gameplay demo, Turn10 and Microsoft showcased the rebuilt Forza Motorsport, describing it almost as a full reboot of the series, featuring new physics and improved car handling.

In the gameplay demo shown today, Turn 10 Studios devs announced that Maple Valley, a classic Forza track (and one of my personal favorites) is returning in this new entry. The devs also explained that for the first time in the Motorsport series, this new Forza will support dynamic time of day. And this isn’t just a visual detail! According to the devs, the time of day will effect ambient temperatures and that will change how tires feel on different track surfaces at different speeds.


It will also feature incredible-looking raytracing-powered visuals and extremely detailed photogrammetry-created worlds, filled with hyper-realistic in-game objects and scenery.

As with past Forza games, this new entry is focusing on realism and the devs are adding improved car damage to all vehicles, claiming that each individual scratch is simulated and modeled in-game.


Also coming to the franchise with this new, big next-gen entry: Tire and fuel management. This is something a lot of fans of the series have been asking for and Turn 10 is adding it, meaning players will need to hit the pits to get fresh tires and refueled during longer, more intense races.

The end result is a drop-dead gorgeous-looking game that somehow looks better than Forza Horizon 5, a game that already looked incredible.

This new Forza Motorsport will be out next Spring on Xbox Series X/S and PC. And as with all Xbox first-party titles, it will be on Game Pass at launch.