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Forza 3 Sells 2 Million, Celebrates With New Track DLC

Illustration for article titled Forza 3 Sells 2 Million, Celebrates With New Track DLC

To celebrate the fact the game has now sold over two million copies, Microsoft and Turn 10 today announced a new range of downloadable content for Forza 3, focusing again on the world's most iconic race track, the Nürburgring.


What some may know as one of the greatest race courses in the world, others may simply know as that course some German woman drove down in a van. Whichever it is, the Nürburgring is loads of fun to drive (racing along it in PGR4 in the snow is probably my ultimate driving game moment), so it's nice seeing it get a little more love in Forza 3.

There will be two "tracks" included in the DLC: the grand prix circuit, at 3.22 miles, and the 2.24 mile sprint circuit (the full, complete track obviously already included with the game). It's going for 440MSP.

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This isn't hard to explain or understand. What is your problem? Nürburgring is divided up into two tracks pretty much. The Inside track and the outside track. The outside track is on the 2nd disk for everyone to play if they want. The new tracks that are NOT on the disk, that had to be created because they didn't exist before- are the inside tracks. There's a 'full' version of the track that's over 3 miles, and the shorter version that's just over 2. That's not to say or confuse you into thinking the inside tracks are the outside tracks by using the word "FULL". It's really painfully simple. It's like people are bitching to hear themselves bitch or crying about MS just to feel the warm cozy feeling of bitching about something bigger than you.