Streamer Raises Almost $1 Million For Charity In Just Four Hours

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GuardianCon, which began a few years back as a small Destiny con and has since grown into an all-weekend show held in July in Orlando, also runs a week-long charity stream. Which has just raised over $3 million for a children’s hospital in Memphis.


As Forbes report, the stream operated in four-hour blocks, with streamers, teams and even some companies taking part. Bungie, for example, raised $400,000 in their four hours, but the big bucks really came in during Ben “DrLupo” Lupo’s turn playing Fortnite, when over $920,000 was donated.

The money came from sources as varied as Fortnite streamer Ninja to State Farm Insurance, and all goes directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Viewers were encouraged to donate with stretch goals built into each stream; Bungie, for example, showed off some of Destiny 2's new weapons, while Lupo played with some self-imposed handicaps, like not being able to build in Fortnite.

GuardianCon’s charity stream had hoped to raise $3 million, but by the end had tallied $3,721,097.

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This serves as a good yearly reminder that people who game, can do good when we try. Hopefully one day, it will not need to be a yearly reminder and instead a daily act.

Big props to everyone involved with Guardian Con, from streamers to those that donated, and to those attending this years event in Florida.