Fortnite Streamer Goes For Glory, Faceplants, Wins Anyway

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There’s a fine line between dedication and madness. Typically, people only decide which side of it you’re on after the fact, depending on whether you succeeded or ate shit. Popular streamer Shroud managed to do both.

Shroud, an immensely skilled ex-CSGO pro who’s now dipping his PUBG-calloused toes into Fortnite’s waters, recently teamed up with fellow streamer Ninja, who is more popular than air. During one match, Ninja got dropped, leaving Shroud to fend for himself in the final battle. Shroud, being possibly too good at video games for his own good, announced that he was gonna no-scope the last remaining player with a sniper rifle.


Then he screwed it up.

Revealing himself to his foe and landing awkwardly out of place, Shroud proceeded to build walls and ramps in order to defend himself. His opponent, however, kept nailing him with shotgun blasts.

“SHROUD!” Ninja shouted with increasing volume each time Shroud got hit.

“Relax, relax, relax,” said Shroud, as if nothing of particular interest was happening.


Then, as the other guy crested a ramp, Shroud calmly leaped up and no-scoped him, just like he said he would. His armor was completely gone, and he he had 17 HP left. Victory at death’s doorstep.

Ninja proceeded to emit a sound that landed somewhere between a wolf howl and somebody puking up an entire watermelon. “You are out of your fucking mind, dude,” he said.

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Daniel Fraser II

The more clutch the moment got, the more it calmed him down. What a monster.