Fortnite Players Find New Jetpack, Eat Shit

Right now, everyone in Fortnite is learning how to use the jetpack the hard way. Turns out, you can’t just fly forever. Eventually, the jetpack overheats and you will fall to your doom.


Many Fortnite players are excitedly sharing their first experiences with the new gear, and while some players are able to pull off some cool moves, other people are just straight-up dying due to fall damage:


Now you know: if you find the jetpack in Fortnite, be careful. Time your boosts so you can land safely on the ground. Don’t get greedy with how high you go. And if you do die? Don’t feel bad. It’s happening to everyone.


The best part is that it seems like Epic anticipated this. Over on Reddit, one player shared their untimely jetpack death, and an Epic representative simply replied, “It begins... :)“

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S.E. Doster

Lol this has definitely been my outcome with jetpacks today. RIP