Fortnite’s new jetpack is blasting off. When players find it—and it’s not the easiest thing to find—it helps them pull off some pretty wild moves.

If you’re thinking, “I’m but a humble dabbler who hasn’t yet tasted the sweet jetpack fuel of life,” here’s what finding a jetpack in Fortnite feels like:

If you’re mediocre at Fortnite, finding a jetpack can mean flitting around in the sky a little, shooting a few rounds at the ground and then ultimately falling to your death. If you’re good, it can mean landing an impressive headshot from a height advantage:

If you’re way too good at Fortnite, like Twitch streamer TimTheTatman, jetpacks can mean raining hellfire down on anyone who’s unfortunate enough to be below you. I would hate to stand under this grenade shower:


Fortnite’s new jetpack is a great way to insert yourself into a fight while staying relatively safe from fire:

Player have also been constructing wild, wild forts with the use of the jetpack. It’s made in-air hide-and-seek a thing in Fortnite:


Potentially one of the best Fortnite clips of all-time is Twitch streamer Ninja sending fellow streamer Dr. Lupo on a long-range rocket ride, which he evacuates to get a double-kill with his jetpack and a few grenades:

Players have been waiting for Fortnite’s jetpack moment for months now. And, yeah, it seems like the wait was worth it.