Fortnite Players Are Recreating Classic Call of Duty Levels

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Screenshot: Hollow (YouTube)

Fan-favorite Call of Duty maps are now showing up in Fortnite, via the new creative mode introduced last week.


Creative mode is a feature that gives Fortnite players their own private island to create custom maps and games to share. Basically, it gives off the Minecraft creative vibe of being able to float around with unlimited resources to build whatever your mind can dream up. There’s a ton of prefabricated Fortnite building pieces and enough tools to get pretty detailed with the design, or you can just be like me and cover your island with Port-A-Fortresses and an army of cute llamas.

Or you can recreate other games. Almost immediately after Epic’s launch of the new feature, players began sharing some pretty classic Call of Duty creations. One of the most popular designs is Nuketown from the Black Ops series. This iconic map originated in Black Ops 1, but was redesigned for all the sequels, and most recently appeared in Black Ops 4 on November 13 as a winter-themed Russian map. However, it’s the old-school Black Ops version that can now be seen with some fun Fortnite flavor.

YouTuber Jonboiii has a made a pretty clean version of Nuketown, and you can watch his walkthrough video or even a sniper match played on his creation.

Before the reign of Nuketown’s popularity, almost all Call of Duty beef was settled in a 1v1 on Modern Warfare 2’s Rust map. Twitter user @itsHNDN showed off a really cool Rust creation made of metal, fencing, shipping crates, and Fortnite water towers.

I’ve also seen some well-designed versions of Modern Warfare’s Shipment and Modern Warfare 2’s Terminal map. YouTuber LP6 has a pretty spot-on creation of Terminal, making the best use of the Fortnite materials to create the airplane. Of course, this is still Fortnite, so all these iconic structures can be decimated by Quad Launchers and pickaxes.

Epic announced at last week’s Video Game Awards that a new area on Fortnite’s map dubbed The Block will display a rotating selection of community-created designs. At this moment, The Block is still empty, but I’m curious if they’ll show some love to their battle royale competitors, because these Call of Duty creations are pretty well-crafted.


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I saw a pretty good recreation of shipment too.