Fortnite Player Lands Game-Winning Sniper Shot While Surfing On A Rocket

There are lucky shots, and then there’s absolute nonsense. This preposterous Fortnite win is the latter.


During a recent stream, BullNizzle found himself just one kill away from victory in a squad match, but he couldn’t quite flush out his target. So he asked a teammate to shoot a rocket at him, like you do.

In the blink of an eye, BullNizzle leaped atop the rocket, sighted the last enemy standing, and quick-scoped them—all while moving at speeds that aren’t advisable unless you’re a sportscar, an airplane, or a Goku.

Now, it’s worth noting that BullNizzle plays Fortnite for Australian esports organization Avant Gaming, so he’s certifiably Good At Video Games. His timing on this shot, however, surprised even him.

“Ooooo, I got it!” he bellowed before laughing incredulously. His friends were briefly stunned into silence, but it wasn’t long before they got in on the laughter, too.

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This is actually stupidly common. Not that amazing really.