Fortnite Monopoly Replaces Boardwalk With Tilted Towers

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Image: Fortnite (Epic Games), Monopoly (Hasbro)

Monopoly is a board game that regularly ends with you cursing out your family. In the upcoming Fortnite edition, which leaked earlier today and was later confirmed by Epic Games, at least you’ll be able to take them out until you’re the last one standing.


The Fortnite edition of Monopoly was briefly available to pre-order on the UK-based nerd merch site Zavvi. While the pre-order was up, the description said that the game would be available to purchase on November 26th, at least in the UK. IGN reports, via confirmation from Hasbro, that it will be available worldwide on October 1st.

Illustration for article titled Fortnite Monopoly Replaces Boardwalk With Tilted Towers
Image: Fortnite (Epic Games), Monopoly (Hasbro)

Fortnite Monopoly looks like it will make the nature of the game’s competition more explicit. In addition to the touches you’d expect, like properties named after Wailing Woods or Tilted Towers and pieces that look like the Rust Lord skin, Fortnite Monopoly changes the rules up to make them more like a battle royale and less like a commentary on capitalism. The rules were detailed on the now-removed page on Zavvi. You’re still picking up properties, but instead of money you have health points. Instead of paying for spaces, it’s just first come first serve. Each turn you roll two dice, one that moves you forward and another that allows you to take an action. You’ll be able to shoot a player on the same side of the board as you; build a wall on the space you’re currently on to protect yourself from being shot; drop a Boogie Bomb, which causes each player to lose health; or apply a bandage to regain health. If you lose all your health points, you lose, and just like the video game, the last player standing wins.

Every time I have ever tried to play Monopoly with my family, it has led to one of us wishing we could murder someone else, and in the Fortnite edition, I will finally be able to. Sadly, the game does not come with the classic game pieces, so I can’t headshot the thimble while playing as the fancy car. Guess you can’t have everything.



This battle element reminds me of the ridiculous game of chaos my brothers and I came up with when we were kids: Riskopoly.
-Monopoly board.
-Risk game pieces.
First round is much like monopoly, start at go, try to buy property as you go around, except you start with a small army to leave units behind on the property you buy.
Land on an opponents property? Pay rent or try to invade the property/defend yourself. Risk combat rules apply here.
Buy units when you pass go. Pillage other properties from players after combat sessions.
The game was mostly incoherent, and we made up so many rules as we went, as kids do. For the most part, we did have fun.