Fortnite Looks Better On Switch Now

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Image: Epic

Fortnite got a “performance and resolution boost” on Switch yesterday, developer Epic announced. The game should now look and run better, and the file size is smaller too.


Epic wrote, “The update provides significantly improved resolution both in handheld and docked modes, resulting in images that are less blurry.” Epic’s news post touts “a 38% increase in pixels in handheld mode,” which is a charmingly specific number of pixels. When I ran around the game on Switch this morning (a task that was delayed due to how long it’s been since I charged my Switch, good lord), texture pop-in felt less dramatic and distracting. A before-and-after screenshot in Epic’s post shows some treetops looking a bit more defined, which is a nice touch given that the map is currently dotted with some very lovely autumnal trees.

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Screenshot: Epic

Epic also wrote that, “Switch players are going to save about 140MB of storage space with the new update.” That’s good news for people like me who are constantly playing Tetris with their Switch storage space.

Fortnite’s latest season got its first update yesterday as well. Dinosaurs have been added to the types of wildlife you’ll see around the battle royale island, and can be tamed by tossing meat to them or by using the craftable Hunter’s Cloak, which I have yet to craft. Speaking of crafting, animal bones and mechanical parts—both key crafting components—can now be found around the world in addition to dropping from killed animals or destroyed vehicles. Crafting is a new addition to Fortnite with Season 6, and I’ve definitely found it tricky to amass the requisite parts. I’m hoping this change makes beefing up my weapons a bit easier.


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