Fortnite Burger Disappears From Map, Reappears In Real-Life Desert

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Photo: Sela Shiloni

Last weekend, Fortnite’s sky cracked like a giant, star-spattered egg. Now, smaller rifts are appearing all across the game’s map, and they’re sucking up everything in their path. This includes beloved landmarks like the Tomatohead mascot in Tomato Town and the Durrr Burger in Greasy Grove. Where have they gone? Well, the latter apparently ended up in a real-life Californian desert.


Here’s a clip from yesterday of Durrr Burger getting slurped up by a rift:

And here’s where the beloved burger ended up today, according to conveniently-placed photographer Sela Shiloni:

“I was scouting shoot locations for an upcoming photoshoot,” Shiloni said on Twitter, explaining how he found the burger. “Palmdale area has a ton of cool stuff. End of story.”

So it’s likely that Epic Games is planting Fortnite props out in real-world locations as part of the marketing hype around the Fortnite rocket. But is Shiloni truly an innocent bystander who really just stumbled across the burger, or is he in on the gag? Either way, it’s quite a stunt. After all, it was already pretty alarming when rifts started spiriting away motel signs and tomato people in-game, so much so that people created in-game “ceremonies” to mourn their losses. And now things are moving in a decidedly ARG-y direction.


What’s next? Will the giant tomato appear in some terrified farmer’s garden? Will the motel sign appear atop a different, slightly smaller motel sign? The sky (or the imagination of whoever’s orchestrating this) is the limit.

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