Sony have been putting out the official Formula 1 racing games for years now. But if rumours at TG Daily are to be believed, they've turned down an offer to renew the partnership, after a disagreement with the sport's governing body over costs. According to TG Daily, Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone asked Sony for a "hefty increase" to the estimated $75 million deal they agreed to for the 2003-2007 seasons. Sony won't pay, and have walked away from the deal, leaving EA, Ubisoft and Codemasters to fight it out. Can't really blame Sony for this: F1 games have always had a dedicated, hardcore following, but the games have more often than not been a bit shit, and have never translated into the kind of sales Sony would expect from a sport so popular across many parts of the world.

License clash between Sony and Formula 1 Boss means no F1 games [TG Daily, via Gameplayer]