Former US Secretary Of State Albright Speaks In Second Life

Former US Secretary Of State Madeline Albright was streamed into a discussion in virtual world Second Life last night. The Clinton-era appointee and former US Representative to the UN made the appearance to speak on (deep breath) 'the emerging global and transnational challenges of the 21st century and how the next generation of young leaders can contribute to developing innovative strategies to meet these challenges' (aaaand, exhale.) The talk was part of an event to launch the University of Texas at Austin's new Master of Global Policy Studies degree course. It's still no Second Life Presidential Campaign, but it is nice to see that people are still using SL for things other than Furry-on-Furry yiff-fests and flying penis griefing. Madeleine Albright speaking at UT Austin and Second Life [The Click Heard Round The World]


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