Former Power Ranger Actor Charged with Alleged Robberies

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Thirty-two year-old Yasutomo Ihara had a career of acting in Power Rangers and Kamen Rider television programs and movies. He was one of the guys dressed up in a suit, doing the fight scenes and stunts. And now, he's in trouble with the law for a series of alleged robberies.


According to Sankei News, Ihara was allegedly able to use his stuntman know-how to climb up the sides of houses or shimmy up telephone poles to enter the second floor of homes.

Charges have been filed with the public prosecutor against Ihara for allegedly breaking into 43 private residences and stealing 8.2 million yen (US$77,000) worth of money and valuables.

Previously, Ihara did stunt work in Tensou Sentai Goseiger (above) and Kamen Rider OOO. He was often a villain in the shows.

Five years earlier, Ihara injured his knee and had to retire from his Power Rangers and Kamen Rider stunt work. Mainichi reports that after loosing his job, he was apparently short on cash and allegedly turned to burglary.

元アクション俳優が空き巣 壁よじ登り…43カ所820万円相当 [Sankei News]

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Police has already released a sketch of the suspect.