Former Lara Croft, Fitness Guru

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Nell McAndrew is apparently launching her own "lifestyle companion" mobile fitness application in the UK, used to create workout routines from a database and develop a meal plan. Who's Nell McAndrew? 1998's model for Lara Croft, of course.


McAndrew seems to have left her Lara days behind her, though, as the announcement makes no mention of her role as one of the first Tomb Raider models. Shame, because I'd love someone to promise me I can look like Lara Croft. I mean, Nell McAndrew is pretty and all, but come on! Lara Croft!

Anyway, for those who might've been wondering what McAndrew has been up to lately, full announce after the jump.

GET FIT AND FEEL FABULOUS WITH NELL MCANDREW'S BODY FITNESSFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AMA announce the launch of Nell McAndrew's Body Fitness- a truly unique mobile lifestyle companion. This advanced application helps the user detox their lifestyle and encourages them to look at a healthier outlook by guiding them through a simple agenda and fitness plan. Initially the user is asked to complete The Fitness Plan quiz to determine what type of workout and nutrition choices will work best for them and their lifestyle. It then works with them to devise an effective workout routine from a vast exercise database, containing a wealth of different options including aerobics and cardio as well as vital warming up and cooling down techniques. The Agenda works alongside the exercises by helping the user plan their meals with handy options such as a one month diet plan and a calendar to chart progress and increase productivity. Throughout the application the user is offered detox advice and tips from Nell McAndrew. Nell McAndrew started her career modelling and is a well regarded celebrity health and fitness figure through her string of successful fitness workout releases, high-profile charity associations and modelling. She famously launched Cancer Research UK Race for Life 2008 flanked by thousands of other women in London's Regent's Park whose training outfits were painted on their bodies. Nell comments:"Environmental factors and busy hectic lifestyles mean some people haven't the time to assess how they could be leading a healthier life. Your mobile goes with you everywhere- so by using this simple application, you can have me in your pocket or bag, encouraging you to get fit and feel fantastic whilst on the go. There's no excuse now!" "We strive to deliver not only unique and interesting content to the user, but also subjects which can have a positive effect on people's demanding lives. We developed Nell McAndrew's Body Fitness to be a mobile lifestyle companion, to enhance the user's fitness and to teach them how to lead a more positive and healthier life," says Christian Guillemot, CEO of AMA. Nell McAndrew's Body Fitness is available in the UK from this month.

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i like the lara in my avatarphoto more :D

well,i´m kinda prejudiced on that since being close to her was nice :)