Former Guantanamo Inmate Helping With Guantanamo Game

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Moazzam Begg, a British citizen, was arrested in January of 2002 as an alleged terrorist. He was held for three years in Guantanamo Bay, before being released in 2005. Now he's helping make a game.


Begg is acting as a consultant for Scottish developers T-Enterprise, who are currently working on a game called Rendition: Guantanamo for the 360 and PC. Rendition is set in January 2010, and centres around a Guantanamo staffed not by US forces but by mercenaries, with prisoners subjected to scientific experiments.

Now, before your political threat level is raised to "mustard", know that Begg has been brought onboard not to add political flavour, but to simply help give them an idea of the layout and look of the prison. After all, it's still a highly classified location, so T-Enterprise can't exactly Google up a floorplan of the place.


Those interested in the game itself can check out a teaser trailer below, but be warned: it's not exactly AAA quality.

Former Detainee Is Consultant on Upcoming Guantanamo Game [Game Politics]

Rendition: Guantanamo [Official Site]

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thats bullshit, on getting the terrorist to help them out with floor plans. are these people not creative enough to create an original environment. its just a gimmick to get buzz. its all a gimmick.