Former Doctor Who to Play One of Marvel's Creepiest Villains

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Of all the many bad guys in the Marvel Universe, the one that's always disturbed me the most has been Zebediah Kilgrave, otherwise known as the Purple Man. The guy's superpower is make people do whatever he says. Gross, no? And now he's going to be played by David Tennant, one of the most affable actors to ever play Doctor Who. Brilliant.


Marvel announced today that the 10th Doctor will be playing Kilgrave in the upcoming A.K.A Jessica Jones TV series coming as part of Netflix's quartet of Marvel-based TV shows. Readers of the Alias comics series that the show is based on will know that Kilgrave's relationship to the main character was a particularly depraved one, where Kilgrave enslaved Jones for weeks on end. He's also a main nemesis of Daredevil, another series being produced by Marvel and Netflix. So there's even a chance that he could wind up as the big bad for the whole Defenders set of shows.



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Adam Porter

First Tom Hiddleston, then Benedict Cumberbatch, now David Tennant. Marvel's just going down the list of recently-adored British actors, aren't they?