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Developer Dimps is responsible for developing Street Fighter IV for Capcom. Dimps president Takashi Nishiyama? "Pretty sure bisexual," outs former Capcom employee Yoshiki Okamoto.


In an interview with newly engaged James Mielke, Okamoto (1942, Forgotten Worlds, Folklore) dishes about the Dimps executive, who lives in the same apartment building:

Mr. Nishiyama used to work at Capcom as well, so we bonded over the hard work we shared there, and we've been good friends ever since. Both of us had long stretches where we weren't in a relationship, but he would always be sharing a room with some guy. Not me, I mean we were friends. Just friends. I'm pretty sure Mr. Nishiyama is bisexual. But I'm straight. I only like girls, but he likes both. Mr. Nishiyama taught me how to turn my ideas into game design documents, but he didn't teach me about men.


Oh. Okay. If this is true and not just Okamoto making crap up, hey, more power to president Nishiyama. If this is not true and is just Okamoto making crap up, he should be more careful with things he says publicly.

Those interested in hearing about Okamoto's company Game Republic and his sexlife, swing over to 1Up.

Yoshiki Okamoto Explains What's Up With Game Republic [1Up Thanks Brandon!]

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