Format Gaffe Prevents PS3 Owners from Playing Dragon Age Soundtrack

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Those who bought the Dragon Age: Origins Collector's Edition for PS3 cannot access the bonus soundtrack. The disc is Blu-Ray and the music's mp3, so a PC won't play the former and the PS3 is unable to see the latter.

Let me clarify: A PS3 won't access the mp3 files from a Blu-Ray disc. PS3s absolutely will play mp3s, just not from a Blu-Ray. Original article continues:

In addition to a bunch of other stuff, the $75 special edition comes with a bonus DVD whose content includes the fantasy RPG's epic soundtrack. Of course for PS3 that's upgraded to Blu-Ray to take advantage of that drive in the PS3, which in turn won't read the mp3 files. Basically, you have to buy a Blu-Ray player for a PC to get to it, and who the hell wants to do that, right?


BioWare's forums are said to be full of threads on this subject. In this one, a customer complains to Electronic Arts over its support chat, and is told more or less that EA's aware of the problem but has no remedy for it. Ouch. But the guy did get a $20 EA Store coupon, a code he immediately posted after proclaiming he had no intention of doing business with EA after this screwup. Pretty sure that code's been cashed, but who knows, if you complain, maybe you can get one.

I have emailed the EA press contact handling Dragon Age: Origins to ask if there might be some sort of larger fix for this - like either making the content available for download elsewhere, or shipping out a CD/DVD-ROM version. If I hear anything - remember, it's the weekend after Thanksgiving, it'll be updated here.

EA/Bioware Unwilling to Address DA:O PS3 Soundtrack Problem [BioWare forums via tipster David S.]

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Jon Snows Bastard

Question for the collectors: Why do you buy the collectors edition?

While its a rhetorical question, I'm just wondering if theres people who actually buy collectors/limited editions just so they can keep them in mint condition and then sell them years later.

By looking in the way a "collector" would see it, I can understand why the guy on the forum was pissed that it didn't work— because what value is something that can't work on the system?

Or maybe he bought the collectors edition for kicks and wanted the soundtrack... which still warrants him a reason to be pissed.